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Fw: What's happening at New Approach in 2012?

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New Approach Network News – Volume 23, 01/13/2012
I-502 Poster We just received word yesterday afternoon that the official signature count by the Secretary of State was 354,608! The next step is verification – 241,153 of those signatures, or 68%, must be valid for I-502 to qualify. The verification process will go very quickly, and then Washington State Initiative Measure No. 502 is before the legislature!
Latest News about I-502
I-502 has been getting some great press across the state! Please take the time to read these editorial pieces that emphasize the thoughtfulness and historical significance of I-502.

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Now We're In A Real Campaign!
As we transition to the campaign to WIN, we are bringing some powerful new advocacy tools online to help you help us reach voters. These tools will allow you to expand the discussion about I-502 and build support for its passage. Stay tuned!
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